Singapore Escort Guide

Singapore is the largest city in Asia and an important economic and influential center. As a global alpha metropolis, Singapore is Asia's most populous city and a rich and diverse metropolis.

Singapore is a great travel destination with safe escort tourism, nightlife, erotic massage, rides and more. Singapore shopping, sightseeing and nightlife in a relaxed atmosphere.

Singapore is a hub in Asia that attracts multinational companies and businesses from all over the world. But what is less known is the fact that escort tourism in Singapore is huge.

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Every day, thousands of girls come to the city from all sides to sell escort services ...

The best part is that they can do it legally. Escort in Singapore is legal as long as there is no public imposition ...

This means that any girl, resident or not, can promote and sell her services without fear of breaking the law.

That's not all ... Singapore has an official red light district as well as unofficial red light districts where you can get paid escorts in massage parlors, spas and private homes throughout the city ...

There are hundreds of escort agencies and bases in Singapore. Most of them are very similar and can provide an escort to your hotel within an hour, although the selection and service of most will vary.

Prices also vary, but you can expect to pay between € 200 and € 300 per hour for standard services, while fetishes and elite escorts charge more.

A simple internet search will reveal dozens of agencies, directories and classified sites with hundreds of listings of escort services in Singapore. However, these sites operate in a questionable gray area of ​​the law.

Where To Find Ecort In Singapore?


Many of the major tourist hotels in Singapore are not very welcoming to guests who bring women here. If you are not ordering a discreet escort and a top class escort, and the hotel management can tell the difference, then you might consider a hotel that has an escort service.

A general rule of thumb is to head to a hotel that caters to the city's business guests. Sit in a bar, and soon it will become obvious to you if there are girls working on the spot.

Night clubs

Many nightclubs in Singapore have girls, but not all clubs operate this way. You can usually find girls in the larger clubs. Just keep in mind that most Russian nightclubs have strict dress codes and you will have to wear chic clothes. Some are even more picky about their clientele and will not accept guests who are not credible. If you are not allowed into the club, it is best not to get into fights and just try your luck elsewhere.

Erotic massage

Most massage parlors in Singapore are open 24 hours a day and provide guaranteed intimate services and in some cases full service.

Strip clubs

Like nightclubs, strip clubs attract many women who provide escort services. Most of them deal with clubs, in accordance with which they pay a reduced entrance fee and provide additional services in VIP zones. Some may be hired by the club to perform.

Most strip clubs have private rooms where you can get full service.

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